Please have a listen to my new E.P ‘Lost For Words’ Vol I

Introducing Dougieto

(Me, Myself and I)

Hi there and welcome to my lair……. I mean webpage for Dougieto. First an introduction to who I am and what I am all about, My name is Liam Browning I am about to turn 34, I live in the UK I work at Aldi and I have a dog named Balloo. I love music and have been playing bass guitar for 15 years or so, I have always wanted to create my own songs and after a big change in my life I have decided to just go for it and get recording.

I really want to get my music noticed and heard as this is my big dream, I believe that music is a part of who I am and constantly on my mind, all of my songs are on SoundCloud and I would appreciate it if you like my songs than please follow me and tell your friends and family about me.

Equipped with a laptop, Cuebase elements 11, 2 bass guitars, 2 electric guitars, monitor speakers and a midi keyboard and microphone I have started my journey and want to share what I make with everyone possible. I am not a one genre guy so expect variety and hopefully nothing to samey as I want to try all ways and styles.

Thanks for reading and please check out my blog and music page from the menu at the top of the page and checkout my Soundcloud with the button below, the blogs are about the songs and just what I am doing in general.


Spotify Playlists!!!

Hi there everyone, hope all is well I have managed to get all of my songs onto playlists of all sorts and sizes and am forever grateful to all who have added my songs, I have nearly reached 14,000 streams since my first release which is incredible with ‘Phoenix’ surpassing 7,000 streams alone. I love…

4th single ‘End of Things’ due for release.

Hi there all, I have had my 4th song approved and am in the process of making a promo video for it, the release date is the 03/09/2021. I have also managed to get my songs on some playlists and am waiting on some news of a couple of reviews. Hope you all have a…

Well that was embarrassing!!!!

Hi everybody, sorry it has been a while since I added anything to my website. I managed to lock myself out of the email I use for the website!!!! I have spent the last month, promoting my music through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have been sending emails out like it is going to go…

Email: info@dougieto.com

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